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Default Kind of Depressed.

Well. At school. I'm pretty much a loner, even when I'm with my friends. In the last week. I doubt I've said 10 words at school. I just feel sluggish. My friends are, and don't know why, girls. I don't have much guy friends. I have one or two. So yeah, back to the story. So yeah, at lunch. I'm just the "tag" along friend. All they say to me is, "come on Cody!" yeah, well woopiee. They are "always" whispering to each other and pointing at stuff. I just follow along. I've known them since. Kindergarten. And yeah. I feel like a loner. I usually draw a lot. I've been drawing horrible stuff. Blood, gore. etc. etc. And its getting to me.

So help? And please don't just say -oh, just get new friends-. I've tried.

I've seen a counselor. Didn't really help much.

I've also tried to get involved. But yeah, they ignore me and just. Yeah, you get the point. HELP!
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