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Default Re: The Nuclear Issue

no though I do find your....innocence refreshing
This is bound to happen with tecnological advancements we are able to save millions hell billions it has allowed us to become the dominant species on this planet
that same rocket tecnology has allowed us to leave our world
to begin exploration of the stars
That same nuclear tecnology has allowed us to develop radiation sheilds for use in medical labratorsy, hospitals, spcae craft, nuclear power plants it has allowed us to develop cancer fighting treatments, extremly vital and effective instruments to test patients
That same gun powder was invented for fireworks, thats what it was used for in ancient china

what you dont seem to grasp is ANY invention can be used as a weapon
I could kill you with a fork
like seriously
What can be used to create, can also destroy
this is fundamental fact of reality
which path is chosen depends on the weilder

You have so little faith in your fellow man
your species as a whole
Humanity has made mistakes but we also have created many wonders

As for your disgust towards war
I agree it is not something to be takin lightly
nor should nuclear weapons be used
in ALL of humanitys history only two have been
Your English
From Britian your entire land was forged in the fires of war
From Roman ocupation, the saxxons, rival tribes, the irish, the scottish, the french, communists, nazis, etc.........

Was it not worth it?
Is the United Kingdom not a strong and free country?

Evil prevails when great men refuse to act
war is part of being human
we fight for what we belive in
we fight to protect those we love
we fight for our freedom
We fight for our children

I would NEVER have it any other way

Nuclear energy is a wonderful thing
it was a wonderful invention that has the potental of saving millions
slowing global warming, providing abundant energy, saving millions through medical advancements, and providing the consistat and large amounts of energy required for humanity to travel the stars

As for your motion that war is impersonal
you cannot possibly be more wrong
war can never be impersonal EVER
the fact that your sitting here screaming it is shows how little you know
and how young at heart you really are
you dont understand

As for this debate you've gone from ripping my face off with the whole NUCLEAR THINGYS ARE BAD!!!!!!!!! to saying every single weapon ever invented is a horrible thing and that it never should have happened and that we should all have just always lived in freedoma dn peace and dammit i want my unicorn!

dosent work like that
so either get back to debating about nuclear energy as a whole and actually SHOW ME FACTS to prove your theory that everything to do with it is horrible and no good has ever or will ever come of it
I have given you facts repetedly throughout my argument
you havent given me ANYTHING but opinions
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