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Default Re: Circumcision ... The Truth

Originally Posted by Bjj View Post
I am 15 years old and didn't know what circumcision was untill last week. I am uncircumcised and was wondering if I would be cirumcised automatically when puberty is done? Cause when I masterbate and stuff my penis sometimes smells bad and I don't know how to clean the head and I have never retracted the foreskin. I wanna make my penis circumcised with no foreskin.
I understand your feelings, Bjj, and I'm glad you came here with your questions.

As you have just learned, circumcision is not automatic. It must be done by a physician. However, it should not frighten you or put you off! There's only a little discomfort since the doctor will use a local anesthetic, and the discomfort will not last more than a couple of days afterward. And it's not very expensive either.

I believe strongly that you should follow your desire to proceed with this, as long as you are sure you want to do it. As others have stated, it's more or less permanent. I believe you will be very happy with the result, and so will the majority of your future sexual partners, as many careful studies have repeatedly shown that the vast majority of people clearly prefer the look, feel, and other aspects of the circumsized (cut) penis, even those who are only used to uncut (uncircumsized) ones.

I, myself, had this done when I was 19, after carefully investigating the subject, and it was the very best decision I ever made.

You are unfortunately getting some bogus information from several of the other posters here. They are spouting their personal beliefs, rather than scientific facts.

I have been researching the topic of circumsision for many years, and I've read a lot of books on the subject, both pro and con. And the conclusion is inescapable: circumcision is the right choice.

Why? First, there is what I mentioned above: that the majority of people say the prefer the look of cut men, calling it "neater" and "cleaner" and just "more attractive". But there's a even GREATER reason to do it: In study after study, it has been PROVEN that uncircumsized males are as much as 800 percent more likely to contract and spread HIV/AIDS than cut males! And the same is true for other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). This is in large part because the uncut penis "head" is a near-perfect area for keeping disease organisms alive and well for a long time. Even if you clean under there often, which most boys don't do anyway.

Think about it carefully, but if you decide you want this (and 15 is PLENTY old enough to know what you want!), by all means ask your parents and STICK TO YOUR GUNS!

Best of luck, my friend! I'm thinking of you!
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