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Unhappy Late Puberty Emabbarased

My name is Paul and im a late bloomer and i am 16(i think) :S
I have hit puberty and have quite a few signs but missing the most important 2
I have Pubic Hair
I have Anal Hair
Started to get Alot more Armpit Hair
Started to get the odd hair under my chin (got liek 5 hairs lol)
My Balls Have Not Yet Dropped
also my skin is stil very baby looking and does not look very adult or oily
this frustrates me so much and makes me very depressed as i think im in love i am attracted to girls but if i go out with this girl i really like all i keep thinkign about is she will want sex but my balls have not yet dropped and i cannot ejaculate as i do not have sperm yet so is there anything that can speed up this process or just got to wait for time to tick by for it to happen and wondering if you could estimate how long you think its going to be for me

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