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Talking Re: another question

Hey, i am not ashamed of it when it happens. i dont worry about it ! it just kind of happens. i have an unusually small non-erect penis, so i accually deliberately try to get an erection so they dont make fun of me. it makes me feel good. dont worry bout it, k? i guess if having an erection around other guys bothers you, just clear it out of your mind, because if you try to hold it back, its gonna happen. plus even if you do get made fun of, come back with something like, "well why are you staring at it? are you gay or something?" that'll keep 'em at bay ! plus, they happen to me all the time, especially when i am around my girlfriend or imagining sex with her or something. again, i dont let it bother me? why would they want to know anyways, right? PEACE
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