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Default Re: The Nuclear Issue

Originally Posted by Panic! View Post
The invention of the atomic bomb (Albert Einstein's one mistake) and other nuclear weapons were bad things to happen to the world. While there are nukes there can never be true peace, while even while countries are at peace, a disagreement could break out and the fact that there are nukes makes it extremely tense.
Your wrong
the invention was anything but a mistake what happened was not his fault to blaim it on him is ludacris
The nuclear bombs are providing peace what do you think the chances of the USSR invading America would have been without them?

Nuclear energy is extremly clean
Every electronic device emits low levels of radiation
medical devices like Xrays MRI's CT's emmit high levels of radiation
Radiation therapy is used in fighting cancer
radioactive isotopes are used in testing (the Koo-laid)

Radiation and nuclear reactions are what power our sun
and every single star
scientists even belive that at the earths core theres a natural occouring reactor thats keeping earths EM feild strong

Saying that this scientis commited a horrible act is like saying an ancient chinese scientst who invented gun powder was a horrible man
because without it we wouldnt have guns or cannons

or whoever invented the ability to forge metal and created the first sword

nuclear energy is a WONDERFUL thing
Nuclear deturants ARE what has prevented WWIII

Your all severly brainwashed
you hate and fear what you dont understand
its sad
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