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Default Re: The Nuclear Issue

Much of the methane is released by the cows raised to feed you, stop eating cows, you lower the methane level considerably, I'm not sure about the NOx. If we get off of coal power completely, we can push back the negative effects of global warming many years, possibly long enough to finish the development of fusion. It is already within our means to produce power using nuclear fusion, it is simply too expensive, if the government would fund fusion rather than war then it would become affordable, thus providing infinite energy due to the massive quantities of hydrogen. A fusion plant could be entirely self-sustaining by diverting some of the energy to electrolosiys to produce more hydrogen. In fact, with this infinite energy, you would be able to produce enough hydrogen to run our cars, boats, abnd aircraft off of hydrogen with only minor changes to internal combustion engines. Hydrogen releases very few pollutants campared to petroleum products when burned because it is very pure, and since it burns at a higher temperature you could go further on less hydrogen, combine this with hybrid technology and 200 mpg is easily achieveable. The only waste product from the fusion of hydrogen is helium, which could easily be collected and later fused into a heavier element, and/or used in balloons and blimps.
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