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Default Re: The Nuclear Issue

Originally Posted by popo93 View Post
They already have a canister design that is leakproof and is in use today. It can withstand a direct hit from a locomotive at full speed. You simply have to find a deep, abandoned mine and stash the waste there.

Do you know where Americas nuclear waste is? DEEEEEEEP underneath a VERY large mountian sealed
Just because the United Kingdom failed in proper disposal dosent mean its all bad
By the way the UK now has huge containers made of solid steel 3 feet thick that it uses to transport nuclear waste
the containers themselves way well over 50tons

I mean jesus your like well in germenty a few houses have a couple solar panels on then that helps....ya it does but it dosent do NEARLY enough basically its just to make you feel less guilty thats like ordering a big mac and a diet coke
The majority and by majority i mean ALLOT of the power still comes from coal, fosil fuels, dams that flood hundreds of miles of habitat etc....
Then theres the rising levels of respiratory conditions related to polution
Hole in the ozone
Global warming thats causing earths weather patterns to destabalize
creating more severe storms like Katrina the SEVERE heat wave, etc...

wow 21.3% of allll greenhouse gas emissions are soley from power stations
Thats more then transportation (cars)

To talk about global warming
screaming at other members
and then turn around and say that the cleanest source of power we have
the source that can create more power then conventinal means, for longer periods and less emmisions
is wrong and bad
its okay to keep with standard means because a few houses have a few solar panels!

and to answer your question the reason I used the United Kingdom is because they had just finnished doing an extensive study on it
I'm sorry if you think your country isnt good enough nor smart enough to make acurate predictions
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