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Default Console Me

(Verse 1)
Looking to the future, seems so bright
I might need your help to get this right
Not sure, never done this before
It is you that I adore

Console Me
When I’m up
When I’m down
When your not around
Show you care
Is that love in the air
Please baby console me

(Verse 2)
Don’t let me fall apart
Into a million little pieces
Show me your heart

I’d do it over and over again
I wish I could express my love
Just tell me where to begin

Can you fix me up?
And make me feel better.
I don’t wanna be stuck here for ever and ever
You’re the one that I love
I won’t stop trying, no doubt no denying.
That you’re the one that I love,
it could only be you

Chorus x2

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