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I dont know if i do truly love this guy in that way, I know i truly love him as a friend but fear that this situation is eating in to our relationship. The thing is if he does feel the same way and i ask him there is still a chance he saya know because i think he is trying to fight his sexuality, his feelings towards me. When i put my hands on his hips he doesnt push me off he just does nothing and shuts his eyes sometimes, i cant tell if that is him resisting to avvoid responding to it or whether he can tell how i feel about him and not saying anything because he cares about my feelings. However i really do think the feeling i mutual but whether or not we get together or not is another matter, why cant i have one special thing in my world that doesnt get taken away from me, or make me feel deprived?
hia look m8t put ur hand on his hip then quickly reach for his cock 1) if he dost like it say sozz u sliped and u get somthing to play with urself over 2_ he dose like it and it unfolds to somthing great

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