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Default Re: Patriotism

Hi, I'm fine. I hope you are too.

What do you propose happens to the radioactive waste then? The problem with nuclear power is that the waste is not easily destroyed or safely disposed of. In England some of our radioactive waste was put into landfills in Scotland. But they filled up. Then where were we to put it all? We tried dumping it in the North Sea, but the fish got cancer and became mutated.
The german government have for a while been supplying subsides for those who install solar panels on their roofs. This allows them to generate some of their own energy just by having a few panels on their roof. Granted that it doesn't always supply all of their energy needed, but every little helps.

And why may I ask did you get info off wikipedia concerning the UK? The USA have no constraints as to CO2 emissons. If anyone should look at using alternatives then it is them. They put into the air much more than we do!

I hope this meets your rather snooty requirements of being longer than two sentences and being a good argument.

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