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Talking Re: *** Official Male Puberty Survey ***

You and Your Body
Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Shoe Size: US11
Body type (skinny, average, etc):average
BMI (Click here for more information):prefer not to say

Body Hair
Put an X between the brackets if you have hair in that area.
[X]Facial [X]Armpits [X]Chest [X]Stomach [X]Pubic [X]Butt [X]Legs [X]Feet
Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have?no
-Do you wish you had more or less?less

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim, if you do.
[x]Facial [x]Armpits [x]Chest [x]Stomach [x]Pubic [x]Butt [x]Legs [x]Feet

Length (Erect):7"
Girth (Erect):1.6"
Cut or Uncut:cut, but the dude cut a bit too much off in one spot and too little on the opposite side:/
-Do you wish you Was/Wasn't?i wish i werent, so i could wank more easily...
Do you think it's proportional for you height? i think so...
-For your Age?:no, i'm more well-endowed than most 15-year-olds...
What's the average length in your mind? i don't give a damn. girth is where it's at!
Does your Penis bend? no
-In which Direction? n/a
--A lot, some or little? n/a
---Does this concern you? n/a

Have you started puberty yet? yes
At what age did you start? 13
In your opinion, did you start late or early? there IS no "late" or "early".
Have you ever had a wet dream? yes, and it was a good one!
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age? no
-In what ways? n/a
Are you done with puberty? not quite

Do you masturbate? yes...
How many times per day or week? about 24 times a week (usually 3/day on weekdays, 5/day on weekends)
How old were you when you started masturbating? 13 when i started wanking, 14 when i got my first toy
What hand do you use? both
What do you think about whilst masturbating? who needs thoughts when you have 100 gigs of hentai?
Where's the weirdest place you've masturbated? my boyfriend's house
Where do you masturbate most often? home
What technique do you use? several
Do you use any lubrication? usually
Have you ever been caught? no
Have you masturbated with friends? if "friend" includes boyfriend, then yes.
-Separated or together? together
--Did you regret it or did you have fun? we had "fun"
Are you flexible enough to suck your own penis? no
-If not, do you wish you could? yes
Do you ejaculate? YES
-If so how much? a LOT
--Spit or Dribble? more like GEYSER!
---If spit, how far? maybe 10 feet with optimal trajectory...
How do you clean up? a towel (i have marble flooring)
Did you ever taste it? yes
If so what was your reaction? i liked it, and when i suck my bf, i swallow...

Do you look at porn? yes
If so, what types? hentai
Have you ever been caught looking at porn? no
Do you masturbate while looking at porn? yes

Sexual Orientation
Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious? none of the above. i'm pansexual. it's like bi, except i find myself attracted to transgender people and FUTANARI *drool*
If straight, do you think homosexuality is ok?
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? ideally, he/she is kind, romantic, caring, smart, and loves me for me and doesn't expect me to change who i am.
Have you ever had a relationship? yes
If so how long? october 2010-present
Did you ever cheat on this person? NO, AND I NEVER WILL! I will be faithful to him until the day I die.
-Did they find out? n/a
--How did they react? n/a
---Has this taught you a lesson? n/a

Have you ever had sex? yes
-What kind? i've blown, i've been blown, given anal, received anal, i've rimmed, and i've been rimmed.
--Did you use protection? no, we've both been tested for every STI/STD, even the most mundane ones, and they all came back negative so it is unnecessary.
---What kind of sex was it? Wait, did I not just answer that?
If still a virgin, will you wait until marriage to lose your virginity? n/a
What do you look for in a partner? someone who likes mushy romance and holding their partner tight post-coitus.
Do you have any regrets what so ever? no.
Do you think that younger people have sex out of peer pressure? perhaps. definitely some. i'm not sure how common that is though.

People and Places
Do you have sleepovers with friends? yes
Do you compare penis sizes to friends? no, i don't want to embarass them!
Do you ever talk about puberty or sex with your friends? yes, i give them helpful advice about the changes their body is going through, about sex, and general relationship advice.
Have you been seen naked by family members or by friends? no
Do you masturbate with friends? no

What would you rate this survey out of 10? out of 10, i would say this would be OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND! *breaks scouter* LOL DBZ references FTW! but seriously it's a 10.
Are there any questions you think that should be added or removed? just duplicates
Any other comments you would like to add: Futanari are sexy, Neko bois R cute and sexy, and yaoi is hot and steamy! *drools at the thought of hot bois making love*

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