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Originally Posted by italian_stalion987 View Post
my balls havnt darkend or grown that much, and im 14, i have a 7.5 inch penis, but it seems that most people go: pubes, ball growth, ball darken, penis length, penis girth

my order seems to be: pubes, penis lenth(not done), penis girth(not done), and nothing else, plz tell me

is this normal?
puperty is like a fingerprint nobody has the same. you are perfictly normal
one question
did you say u where gay or the aviator was?

Originally Posted by light View Post
Hey guys, i'm new.

I'm 17 years old, and ever since i was a little kid i've had a small layer of fat over my belly. Just a little bit to make it jutt out. I'm not sure if this is normal, but i dislike it and i do everything i can to make it go away, diets, tons of cardio exercise, pushups (some weight on upper chest too) and of course different varieties of crunches. It seems to just not go away.
Also, if it may help, i didn't start growing body hair untill last july, when i realized i had a tiny bit of armpit hair. I still don't grow any facial hair besides a mini- 'soul patch' and the moustache.

I only ask because i dislike how it looks, it's kind of dispraportionate. Some say i'm still growing, but I don't know? Thanks for your time.

Also, are stretchmarks normal? I'm in no way fat.. but I have some around my waistline and thights. They dissapear, sometimes come back. Nothing too serious.

stretch marks are very comen and cosed becouse of the body expanding the skin(ur growing taller).

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