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Default Re: what do u think bout haters??

Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
They are just stupid people who do everything the church says
I bet that if the church says "the apocalipse is near, everyone go suicide, god yesterday night said that you don't need to suffer so much, so he will accept suicide entys!!" everyone will go do it...
If the church says gayness is wrong, everyone will think gay is wrong... I always thought that love was a bout caring about someone, and not being able to take them out of your head, but church makes it seem like if it was about genere.

Ok Miguel I like you but that comment was idiotic.. By the 'church' suicide = hell

Now I dont support it but I dont hate them I do belive it is wrong but I am just sad that people can actualy hate each other, if my son would be gay well then I wouldnt abandon him but it wouldnt change my views on it, I would just be disappointed

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