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Originally Posted by Bjj View Post
I am 15 years old and didn't know what circumcision was untill last week. I am uncircumcised and was wondering if I would be cirumcised automatically when puberty is done? Cause when I masterbate and stuff my penis sometimes smells bad and I don't know how to clean the head and I have never retracted the foreskin. I wanna make my penis circumcised with no foreskin.
It is not done automatically. You have to go have it done surgically I belive. If you would like it done speak to your parent's or doctor as it can be done at anytime.
Originally Posted by josh34123 View Post
Why, would you want to get circumcized??? You just need to pull down ur foreskin and wash it.
There are numerous benefits of circumsion. including cleansiness and uncircumsised penis are 3x more likely to get penial cancer
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