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Default Puberty Question

hey guys, im 16 going on 17 on march. i recently ended stage 3 of puberty now entering stage 4. i have a forest of pubic hair which is now branching off to inner thighs, i have pit hair. not a forest but it's noticeable, about 30 strans on each pit. ummm, i recently started shaving once a week (sides of face [thin yellow hairs], mustache[flush brown hairs], and chin[only a few brown hairs]) i have acne.. umm (just trying to describe my physical features). i have thin brown hairs on my chest and belly that are noticable to my eye but i cant see them in a mirrow. im shaving those so they grow in thicker. well, my question is. my penis is about 4 - 4 1/2 inches erect. am i just naturally going to have a small penis? if so, im perfectly fine with that. but an inch or so would be much appreciated. let me know, thanks

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