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Default Re: Bloody Knukles insted?

The reason little children get abused is because of the devil, not god.God has no control of what the devil does. And Besides what have you got to lose believing in jesus? If i'm wrong if there is no god then i have lost nothing.I lived a great life that was awesome and care free.But if i'm right, and there is a god then i gain everything.I get to live for eternity in heaven where there is no pain and no suffering. In other words, I have nothing to lose, But everything to gain.Listen i'm not trying to make you mad or frustraited.I just want everyone to experience all the things that i know are an act of god.Cause no one can explain it. It's a MIRACLE to trust in jesus. It's a miracle to see the things he does, i just want everyone to feel that awesome feeling.Yeah i've been going through hell, but I have to walk through the vally of the shadow of death to stand opon the moutain of god.In other words you gotta walk through hell to get to heaven.

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