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DXM is so far my absolute favorite drug. Ive done second and third plateau. DXM is considered a disassociative and you can tell once you get into the higher plateaus. Second plat was like my body felt really light, vision was somewhat blurred but if i concentrate on something i could unblur it. I went to my friends house and generally had a good time. Balance was less than perfect . Third plateau is one you dont want anyone around on. Walking was almost impossible. I felt really detached from my body. Although putting on headphones and listening to lamb of god was like ultimate bliss. When i closed my eyes I had closed eye visuals. I cant comment on it killing brain cells but even after using it a couple times I dont feel dumber or anything, I can still make logical thought. If its something you want to try just once then theres really no risk. Lethal dose is somewhere way up around 1.5g. For a first time, depending on your weight, i recommend around 300mg. PM me if you want more info.

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