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Default Re: erections in gym class.

Here man helpful info:

Gym showers

I get so many emails about guys understandably being afraid of getting an erection or being tormented about their "size" when they are forced to shower together after sport sessions. For some guys this is a fear that dominates the rest of their week leading up to gym class.

Firstly, you can be assured that very few guys are comfortable with the group shower situation, that is especially typical of the US system. You are not alone in your feelings! The guys who would make fun of you are generally the ones who feel the most insecure and try and get the attention onto someone else.

If you spend time fearing an erection, then it will most likely happen! It is like setting an exercise of trying not to think of pink elephants for the next 5 minutes - and what can't you help thinking about then?
Watch what you are looking at in the change room. Every guy is turned on by what they see and that particularly relates to teenagers with any situation even remotely sexual - and guys walking around with no clothes on comes into the "sexual" category! Just get on with what you have to do and then leave. While you are in the change room, try and send your mind to another place! Think about mowing the lawn or painting the house!

Instead of imagining yourself "failing" during the showers, try and imagine yourself going through the whole shower scene and coming out without having had an erection! That might take some effort at first, but sports stars use that method all the time to visualize themselves as winners to overcome their fears.

These tips might help but they are not a guarantee. Teenagers get erections all the time and that is life - it could happen to any guy in the shower!
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