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Originally Posted by redcar View Post
for cosmetics animal testing has to be stopped because its just not fair.

as for the testing of new drugs etc. there is no alternative. they will have to be tested on animals, its the only way that we can get cures for all the diseases etc.
I agree with Alex

Using them for testing cosmetics, hygine products, cleaners etc... Is wrong
We don't need to do that anymore

But we need them for the drugs
Its either use it on animals or humans
I'd rather it was an animal
Either that or we just stop finding and perfecting cures for illnesses
we already have super bugs emerging that are immune to existing antibiotics

Medical science has to continue
but it should be done as humanly as possible
they shouldnt be just kept in tiny cages
they should have complete enclousers like at zoos
they should be given pain killers whenever possible
and sedated when possible
I also think it should be kept to animals like rodents aka mice and rats as much as possible I realise that cant always be done
but it should be stressed as much as possible
as far as evolution goes chimps are humanitys brothers
we share almost 99% of our DNA with them according to TIME magazine and ALLOT of scientists that are like allot brighter then me
Species like dogs and cats have been breed by humans
they've been with us since ancient times
they dont deserve this

but like I said
any other kind of testing

so ya
ONLY for medical advancement
nothing else
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