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Default Re: Patriotism

hmm wow DECADES ago nuclear bombs were tested by various countries all around the globe
I know all about the tests
Russia...okay the USSR technically tested the largest bomb
...fuckin Russians

This was the test site for the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated by humans
the initial shock wave blew out hundreds of windows in Finland the atmospheric blast wave caused damage up to 1,000km away the heat could have caused 3rd degree burns at 100km the seismic shock circles the globe three times
America thinks it was a 51 mega ton yield but the USSR was adamant it was 100mega tons (the design could support up to that). For a few nanoseconds it equaled 1% of the suns energy output
By comparison the largest Nuclear detonation ever tested by America was 15 mega tons

Tsar bomb mushroom cloud

I realize I have just given you allot of information supporting your NUCLEAR THING-A-MA-JIGS ARE BAD!!! Theory but here me out
That granted was a dark day in humanities history
And it did cause catastrophic damage the likes of which humanity has never and hopefully will never again unleash.
But the test also had political side effects that effected every nuclear power….It scared the shit outta them
And because of that a charter was signed banning any future full scale nuclear tests
Any and all tests after that were strictly done in supercomputer simulations

It was actually because of that test that a charter was signed banning any further nuclear testing

Humanity explored the splitting of the atom
A glorious benchmark in humanities history that had severe and unintentional consequences
BUT we learned from them! And we grew as a species. Other inventions such as vehicles, air conditioners and even paper have done FAR more damage to the environment.

Nuclear energy is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly power source we have ever discovered
It WILL be what allows us to travel into space and visit other planets in our solar system because it’s the only thing we have right now that stands a chance in hell of doing it

Nuclear bombs aren’t going to disappear
you can yell your lil heads off at me all you want
Its not gonna happen
and I would rather global superiority stayed in the West
were ALL from western civilizations
It was because of the nukes that a war between democracy and communism never happened
if all we had was conventional weapons we'd have gonna all at it
but both sides had and still have nukes
we all know there power
and as such
neither side has done more then bluff

I say we keep them
we've had them this long
and even if we do dismantle all the nukes (which by the way is psychotically expensive countries like Russia could never afford it)
What do you think we should do with the now unshielded highly refined weapons grade plutonium that’s now allot easier for it to be stolen or taken by a hostile country or a terrorist organization

September 11th shock the west to its very core
imagine if instead of 2 commercial planes
they had a tiny little briefcase
and inside the briefcase was a mobile nuke (we have the technology to build those now)
there would be NOTHING left of New York
it would be a giant crater

There safer where they are
in highly secret locations
deep underground in highly secured bunkers

America wont fall Alex
Not in our life time
or even that of our children
If China keeps at it like this
yes in a decade er less it will be a superpower
but that doesn’t mean America will fall
The USSR and America AND the British Empire were around and the all lasted until a SEVERE war in which conventional weapons were used caused great strain in the United Kingdom
It was almost lost

If America does fall
I assure you it wont be in peace time
like you said Alex when America sneezes the world gets a cold
Imagine how badly effected Ireland would be if America the leader of western civilization and democracy collapsed?
The United Kingdoms in no position to fill that gap
It would probly be hurt SEVERLY if America fell
Canada would cease to exist
my countries got a rather symbiotic relationship with America

As for the remake that we aren’t living in peace
do me a favor and open up a history book
I’m not trying to be condescending
I mean it
open one up and look through it
you'll notice that compared to humanities history
we ARE at peace
its not perfect
not yet
but its better then it ever has been

MILLIONS of people have died brining it this far
don't spit on it
Freedom isn’t free

Imagine a few powerful reactors
running off of weapons grade plutonium placed throughout Africa
In a VERY short time the entire continent could have access to a long term, green and abundant eneregy source

If industrialized countries were to switch to using reactors over coal burning or fosil fuels greenhouse gas emmesions would be DRASTICALLY cut
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In 2006, a UK government advisory panel, The Sustainable Development Commission, concluded that if the UK's existing nuclear capacity were doubled, it would provide an 8% decrease in total UK CO2 emissions by 2035. This can be compared to the country's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 % by 2050.
Even dams cause more damage by flooding hundreds of miles of the ecysystem
putting entire forests underwater

Solar power
and wind power are FUCKING BRILLIANT
but alas there not strong enough
they dont put out enough power inorder to supply our energy needs
inorder for it to be viable HUGE areas of land would have to be just covered with them
causeing damage
and costing billions

to the next person thats gonna yell at me
ya you....hello
how are you
thats good
make your argument a good one
i've spent allot of time typing this and being lashed at in a quick 2 sentence post is just insulting

thanks darlin


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