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Default Re: Bloody Knukles insted?

Originally Posted by mojane_jesus_gcfreak View Post
God NEVER said ANYTHING about being a christian would be easy.He puts you through great triles and tough shit so we can prove our faith.After all it says in the bible that faith without action is dead.If you have faith that jesus is real and that god is real then you should show it.Act on dont brag on it.Like go out and help with a homeless shelter then go out and brag about it.Being a christian in this modern world is very hard.There are so many evil things that people can get into that takes them away from god.He never said anything about giving us things we could cope with,where did you get that at BornAgain.He gives us things he knows we can get through,if and only if we ask him for help in prayer.God is always with us, but if we want his help we need to ask.If you're at school and you really don't think you can do something than say a silent prayer of help in your head, and mean it and he'll be there,whether you can see him or not.
I have spoken with a fair few Christians about God. I have sat there and said "I don't believe there is a God because he is supposed to love everyone of us. If he really did love everyone of us then how can such terrible things happen to children! How can a loving God allow a child to be abused!" The response I have had has been "God only gives us what we can cope with" and things along this line of reasoning. It is not a theory I have conjured up on my own.
Personally I think you are talking out of your arse. And by the sounds of it you think the same about me. That's cool. Just agree to differ.

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