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Could be something. The nightly routine is what I'd mainly look at. I do a sort of same thing with certain things. The same with my aunt, she has a sort of "getting ready" routine that has to be followed exactly with every detail before she can leave the house. When something is hindering that routine, we get extremely snappy and stressed. Either it's that something bad will happen if we don't do it exactly like that, or that we're just more at ease when we have things in our control.

The lip-biting could be self-harm, but also could be a nervous habit if she were to have anxiety problems. I do things like that when I get anxious, whether it's fiddling with and mutilating whatever's in my hands (a plastic bottle, my sunglasses, etc.), bouncing/shaking my foot/leg constantly, or picking at my nails. I used to bite my nails, but I got rid of that habit by constantly painting my nails Though I don't know why I did any of it. It's just an automatic response to anxiety. I completely destroyed my first pair of sunglasses because I brought them in with me in therapy I'm a nervous wreck in therapy just because of the awkward silences and not being comfortable around therapists.

And I'm sorry I didn't build your walls. And I'm sorry I had to go and fall.
And I'm sorry I had the whole thing wrong. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
And I'm sorry that you are feeling small. And I'm sorry that I'm not used to crawling.
And I'm sorry the writing's on the wall. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
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