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Default Re: Patriotism

Originally Posted by Hyper
It doesnt speak of the health problems the ppl involved in there were but it does give a relevant picture
there are health issues associated with nearly everything. mineing fucks up your lungs etc. etc., granted what happens with nuclear materials can be more adverse, still health issues with everything.

there would be no need to dramatically alter the blance of power because that just happens automatically, look at the start of the last century, Britain was the super power. the good old saying the sun never sets on the British Empire. they controlled vast parts of the world, now they dont. its fair to say America is currently the only super power really at the moment since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but its not going to be long before the likes of China become a super power and America will cease to hold that title.

(haha this has gone so off topic, but it doesnt really help that i have a habit of going off on massive tangents!!)

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