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Default Re: Patriotism

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
everything i've stated i've got facts for
either off wikipedia or canadian government sites
and your counter argument is
"ummm i think that this uhhh happened but uhh i cant remember where but uhhh your an ass use your brain"

man actually do some homework, learn a few things and get atleast some solid facts
once you've done that than alrighty BRING IT!
till then
leave the debating to the big boys

Yes that post indeed makes you look very mature and a 'big boy' and if you live next to the country and dont know about its history too bad then here are some intresting links, if you consider that debating

And the 'somthing' that I couldnt umm uhh ahh remember
It doesnt speak of the health problems the ppl involved in there were but it does give a relevant picture

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