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Default Re: Patriotism

OMG you lot know nothing. What do you think happens to the nuclear waste? That it just disappears never to harm another living being? Such bullshit. The use of nuclear power is limited because the is no way of getting rid of it. They tried putting it in huge landfills. That didn't work. So they tried putting it in the sea. That didn't work and when leakages occured we got mutant fish or fish with cancer! The Hiroshima bomb in WW2 had drastic effects on the inhabitants of Japan. Some today are still being born with deformities as a result!

No matter what way you look at it nuclear power and nuclear bombs are not the way to go. I appreciate that the fact that so many countries have enough nukes to blow the planet up a few times over. I also appreciate the fact that this may inadvertantly prevent countries with half a brain from using them in war. But, some countries may not think like that. I believe (quite firmly) that war has become too impersonal and easy. If you wanted to conquer a country then you would have to actually drive a sword through their army's bodies. Now its got to the point where you can kill thousands of people just by pushing a button on the other side of the world! How can this be good for human kind?

And how can you say that humanity is eanjoying peace? There has been an estimated 30 minutes worldwide peace since 1945! The war is still happening in Iraq and Afgah. How can you claim that humanity is enjoying peace right now?

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