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hey well since all of you kinda want to do it here is some help. what i did was like start talking about it first. im sorry bu ti disagree with pinkcar... if you are going to do it , it should be with a good friend. if it is with someone you dont trust and someone that you arnt close friends with they could tell people and people might think your gay. what you could do is be with a guy friend and start joking around making fun of each other. and then be like well at least my penis isnt tiny. and most guys will defend themselves and then you could say ok prove it and then you could show him your and be like oh ya will this is what mine is like and then eventually it will go on. another thing you could do is start talking about penisis and be like ya mine has a lot of pubes or mine is pretty big or mine isnt very big and then show him and then it might start going on and stuff like that.
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