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Hey... well i have a stepbrother just like yo uand we have expirimented together. i don tthink we are by i think we are both just staright and curious. well anyways yo ujust have to think about it. how did he react when you said you were bi. if he dealt with it maturly and he understood then yo ucan probely asume he will do the same if you wanna expiriment. i fhe acted weird when he found out you were bi maybe its not a good thing to tell him. If you dont want to come out directly and ask him to expirement you could start off by saying i wonder what it is like to give or get a blow job or something. and just keep talking about that and say how you wish so badly you could give or get a blow job and just talk about it and then finnally say would you give a guy a blow job or let a guy give you a blojob. if he says yes and asks you the same thing say yes. then if he said yes just be like i dare you to give me a blow job and if he says ok your in luck or if he says no just be like if you give me 1 ill give you one after. and just go on so and so. im sure you get it. this is what me and my step brother eneded up doing. and then we eventually talked about it and i said ok this may sound weird but did you like what we did and he said yes. and i said i like dit to. and now i kno wif i want to do it and i ask him he will understand.
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