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Default Re: Patriotism

no you dont I never said you did
I was stating what nuclear power can do in a wide range of areas

inorder to create a BASIC nuclear power plant you need roughly 5% refinment
they dont give out a huge amount of power but they do work
for a nuclear bomb you need like 90sum % refinment
for heavy reactors you need it to be highly refined and it creates a tremendus amount of power
but like i said
that was just a simple example

But if you have a nuclear power plant
you can make nuclear bombs
I know you can
cause America takes the waste from allot of its reactors and turns them into bombs
so inorder to get rid of nukes youd have to destroy all the information on paper every computer and server every floppy and CD etc...
then youd have to either kill or imprison every scientist that had anything to do with it weither they worked at a plant or they built bombs

and even then
it would be easy for a larger country like india or china to make a few
theyd only need a few to bring america and its allies to there knees

You don't solve this by getting rid of it all
by pretending nuclear energy dosent exist
you solve it through negotiations, education, understanding, tollerance, negotiations through institutions like the United Nations
and if necessary through the most basic instinct imbedded in the core of every human being
aka M.A.D

Saying we should just destroy all the nukes
Is not the answer

America having nuclear deterants is in all our best intrests
because we are all from western countries
and if another world war were to break out
we'd all be effected
from America, the UK, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Ireland

It has takin ALONG time for humanity to enjoy the peace it has now
ALLOT of people have died
allot of blood has been spilled
DRAMATICALLY altering the balance of power on an international level
is not in the best interests of maintaining peace

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