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Default Re: Patriotism

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Hmm when the United States tested their nukes, I do not remember everything specificly but it was after WW2 where they did some nuclear tests in a bloody damn.. W/e I dont remember where but the ppl who were nearby ( Sailors ) later had all forms of cancerns some became unfertile and so on, the blast in Ukraine even spread here over 5000 km.. Anyway the cold war is much more complicated... And the point isnt who has 'balls' and your list of countries is absurd just look at that list and use your brain
everything i've stated i've got facts for
either off wikipedia or canadian government sites
and your counter argument is
"ummm i think that this uhhh happened but uhh i cant remember where but uhhh your an ass use your brain"

man actually do some homework, learn a few things and get atleast some solid facts
once you've done that than alrighty BRING IT!
till then
leave the debating to the big boys
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