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Default Re: Patriotism

America confirmed it
China confirmed it
Japan confirmed it
and a TON of other countries
all performing there own independant investigation

they all agree a nuke went off
if thats not enough proof for you
then your beyond help and I really dont care what you think

Oh ya burn the paper that'll stop'em!
its NOT going to happen
NOBODY is going to disarm ALL of there nukes
allot of countries are down scaling there arsenal
america included hell you dont have the peacekeeper anymore
that thing was sweeeet

Nuclear advancement should not be stopped
it can do allot of good for humanity
clean source of energy
i can almost garuntee you its going to be used in space exploration
used on millitary ships and submarines as a clean source of energy rather then burning up tens of thousands of gallons of fosil fuels

and the bombs themselves
are what prevented a full scale war between the old USSR and the USA
Neither dared to attack because of M.A.D
it kept the peace

saying you want them all destroyed and the papers on how to make them burned is incompitent
that will NEVER work with the current state of the united states millitary, chinas millitary etc... it would be easy to reopen the nuclear program
they would make great strides at alarming rates
thats like a contestant at a beauty pagent saying I want world peace is just gonna make it BOOM happen
I like the fact that america has nukes
because it means that theres no way in hell china, russia, north korea, iran, etc... are going to attack
and I know sure as fuck Japan is happy about it to

you cant stop wars by taking away bombs
so what you get rid of nukes
lets pretend for the sake of the argument that thats possible (its not)
then the Chemical and Biological weapons would be used
and they'd be faaaar more harmfull
because unlike a nuke that wipes out a large area granted but not an entire country
chemical and espically biological weapons can spread everywhere like wildfire and once they mutate can be extremly hard to control or stop
imagine the black plauge cept a thousand times more potient
ravaging an entire country
people dying extremly slow and painful deaths

if you take away guns they use swords
If you take away swords they use sticks and stones
you cant stop a war by taking away the weapons
the only way to stop wars and try and maintain peace is through taking with the people who have there finger on the trigger
and when push comes to shove like in the Cold War M.A.D
Mutually Assured Destruction

god guys were like waaaaay off topic again
do you want me to just split it into two topics?

I herd on the news today that Harper is allowing Quebec to become a nation WITHIN a united Canada
because quebec seperatists (traitors) want quebec to become its own country
independant from canada
yet they want us to still take care of them
anyway this PISSED ducep (seperatist party leader) RIGHT off which I though was just AWESOME he wants it changed to quebec is a nation that is currently within canada
word play I know
but it means a completly diffrent thing that could have dramatic effects latter down the road

I hate the Bloc party
and I honest to god would like to see them thrown in jail for trying to rip my country apart

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