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Default Re: Patriotism

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
BLIND PATRIOTISM is a bad thing, as can be seen in Nazi Germany, they all thought they were patriots and loved their country.

they didnt think they were patriots. they actually were patriots

Now Patriotism by itself is good.
Its not just fighting over little spots of land, its fighting for freedom (in US and many other country's cases) its fighting for what your country stands for freedom, justice, everything good we have and all our rights.
You and others seem to think that our freedom and rights that we have in this country are free o but let me tell you something they are far from it. thousands if not millions of good men that loved their country made us this way. I think that my rights and freedoms ARE worth protecting.
You can't protest the government in NK now can you.

What do you think would happen if everybody was unpatriotic?
Well nobody would join the military to protect us and we would be invaded right away and killed.

If EVERYONE was unpatriotic then why would we invade each other? We would merely be neighbours, cohabiting this planet, speaking different languages, worshipping different gods. We would not think "we are better than them so we can and will invade and steal land, resources etc"

Now I am joining the military when I turn 18 and it really pisses me off that some people think that its a waste protecting your country and its freedoms.
Or that call our troops that protect us baby killers or any number of other things.

Fact: civilians die in wars. Fact: soldiers (likely from both sides) will be guilty of this. Fact: No matter what a government does it is not justifiable to kill civilians in the course of war.

I KNOW that our freedoms and rights are worth protecting. That is why I am patriotic. If you are unpatriotic you basically think that our rights and freedoms are givens which they definitely are not.
You can't go to north Korea and say Dear leader (actually title) I want my freedoms as a human being and my rights, now I think your government sucks are you are a dumb fascist. Well needless to say you would be dead in 2 seconds. Yet in US and other country's you can say that all you want without fear, now I think THAT is worth protecting and is why I love my country and am patriotic.

Just because I am not patriotic does not mean I am not grateful for my freedom. It merely means that I do not ADORE my country or feel bound to die for her.
I agree with Popo. All the nukes should be destroyed and any instructions on how to create them should be burned!

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