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Default Re: I am a real puberty noob

Whisper thats a stupid policy lol.. When I asked my mother at 2 where do babies come from she told me the truth and I consider thats better than finding out at 13 that sex exists though youd have to be locked up in a basement for that but yes as short..

Puberty is a completly normal phase that every human being goes through from normaly the age of 9 to 21 it has 5 'evolutionary' stages which end around 16 averege though growth of your body and penis stops at 21. Puberty affects teens psychologicly and so on scientificly speaking a teens body is full of raging chemicals which can sometimes cause huge confusion within the individual and mixed up feelings which can lead to various medical problems but otherwise puberty is a period where your growing up and many start to realize more about the world and many change into idiots and 5 year olds who know bad words

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