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Originally Posted by Timelord Victorious. View Post
To whoever asked it before - I believe in Adam and Eve, I'm a creationist.

Well, this is huh.

Originally Posted by Lonnie Bailey
By examining fossils and DNA we find that our hands (wondrous mechanisms of adaptation) resemble fish fins, our head is organized like that of an extinct jawless fish, and major parts of our genome look and function like those of worms and bacteria. In God’s image? Not likely.

Why are our limbs, nervous system, and brain so much like the structure of past and present creatures? Simply because our bodies are more complex versions of theirs. Genes and embryos bear ancient encoded blueprints of how we were “evolved,” not “created.” Every species in a zoo or aquarium have things in common with us: a head, two eyes, limbs, a brain; that we also have. Nothing has yet been found biologically that other creatures similar to us do not also have.

The order of fossils in the world’s rock is powerful evidence of our connections to the rest of life. And despite more than 150 years of looking for fossils the observation has never been proven wrong: In 600 million years human remains never come before reptiles or fish in the geological time-scale. Biblical Adam and Eve never existed. Prove us wrong - and you would be as great (if not greater) than Darwin and Einstein combined. But you won’t, nor are you likely to accept this conclusion.

As textbooks tell us, if you want to make a bat wing then make the fingers long; make a horse, elongate the middle fingers and toes and lose the outer ones; a frog leg, elongate the bones of the leg and fuse several of them together. The fundamental design in all animal skeletons (frogs, bats, lizards, humans, etc.) are just variations on a theme. This is found as well in our body organs. Knowing which genes in our cells turn on or off which organ or function demonstrates Mr. Roberts that we are replicating machines just like the rest of living nature. We are beautiful creatures but not supernaturally divine beings. So we can smell the roses and think about the roses and the roses (in a sense) takes us in as well. Does the rose think? It has a memory system of sorts but cannot cogitate “us.”

Originally Posted by Timelord Victorious. View Post
Its entirely possible. And I don't want you to try and break my beliefs.

Well, you're in ramblings of the wise, so expect it or leave.

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