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Default Re: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

Originally Posted by Panic! View Post
Emo is about "I'm alone, slitting my wrists, I'm gonna end my life" but MCR has flair and style. They are talented and not out to make you even more depressed. Notice how upbeat the tempo of most of their songs are? Yeah.
no it isn't, at all. Emo was a splinter genre of punk in the late 80's early 90's. This new "emo" has very very little to do with the original Emotional Hardcore

"we have living respiration, a breath echo vibration. solid sun inspiration and ground where forebears stood. I am here to see tomorrow. I am here to breathe today.
Words eye. Singularity. you did not sing and I would not dream. You are the shade breeze. you are the shade. you are the shade breeze blowing. the movers of the stream. Words eye. stops breath withholding the heart within its rib cage and it stops for a moment..."

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