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I have tried almost every drug I can think of except heroin. I did crack one time because my aunt wanted me to do it with her; I will never do that shit again! I've done meth, went to a rehab for it, and have recently relapsed. But I haven't used that in about a week although there isn't a second that goes by that I don't think about it. That's why I moved to a town where I don't know anyone. I also used to smoke weed but quit because it really didn't do much for me AND I'm on probation.

Recently quit doing ecstacy just because I felt like shit and swore to never do it again to someone I really care about.

I sometimes like doing cocaine,shrooms, acid, or taking pills (xanax, oxycontin, lortab, valium, morphine, methadone, etc.), but I try not to do it that often. Hopefully, I will eventually become drug free! I've just been trying to wean myself off of them a little at a time.

I smoke cigarettes and drink hard liquor regularly. Pretty much everyday. But I'm also trying to work on quitting these as well. I just take it a day at a time.

I started doing some drugs because of peer pressure. I thought I'd look cool in front of my aunt or significant other. Others, I started doing because I felt like if I could just forget all the fucked up shit going on in my life and around me by getting fucked up, that maybe it would be better when I was sober. And I could put off having to deal with it until I was sober, so there from the time I was about 13-17 I was constantly fucked up on one thing or another. It didn't help that I had a shitty mother that didn't care if I got fucked up as long as I gave her some of the alcohol or weed.

With that said, I take full responsibility for my habits and addictions. I can't blame anyone but myself for where I am today. I made the decisions myself and it's my job to fix my life, not anyone else's.
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