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Default Patriotism

Good or Bad? Do you think Patriotism is Retroactive or Proactive? Does is help the world or hurt it? I think it hurts. here are some quotes I like:

“Conceit, arrogance, and egotism are the essentials of patriotism. [...] Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by an iron gate. Those who have had the fortune of being born on some particular spot, consider themselves better, nobler, grander, more intelligent than the living beings inhabiting any other spot. It is, therefore, the duty of everyone living on that chosen spot to fight, kill, and die in the attempt to impose his superiority upon all the others.” —Emma Goldman

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” —Samuel Johnson, April 7, 1775

“Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.” —Bertrand Russell

“Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.” —attributed to Bertrand Russell

“To me, it seems a dreadful indignity to have a soul controlled by geography.” —George Santayana

“When we have undermined the patriotic lie, we shall have cleared the path for the great structure where all shall be united into a universal brotherhood— a truly free society.” —Emma Goldman

you can bomb the world to pieces
but you cant bomb it into peace

life is to short to make just on decision. musics to loud for just one station. love is to big for just one nation, and God is to big for just one religion

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