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Originally Posted by gingeylover14 View Post
i think we critisize other religions because were all constantly searching for the truth and have insecurities about weather our path is the right path so we push other paths down to help boost our confidence that our way is the 'right' way
I think the exact opposite - people move from religion because they search for truth, maybe questioning their own beliefs and looking in more than one point of view on things. And no, I don't think criticising religions has much to do with "BOOSTING CONFIDENCE". It's just debating; trying to prove your point maybe find others to become interested in, and facing disagreements with a good debate.

Personally, my ego doesn't go up or I don't get a wrenching boner when I prove someone my points. If that's the goal that someone wants to accomplish with debating, I really think they aren't in the style for debating because that's taking in personal needs for the debate itself and when poeple get personal in a debate that can get off topic and bring out more emotions, which leads to a shit debate of everyone pissing on each other.

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