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Default Lump? Nipple? Puberty?

I have a nickel-sized lump almost as hard as a fresh lump of clay, under my nipple...Puberty related?... My parents know of it, I just turned 14. I started puberty at 12, my dad could help but I still haven't told him I started puberty, personally I think its funny, but if I told him he'd probably get pissed, because he isn't as "involved" in my life. They are wanted to get me checked out by the doctor soon. Please help so I can tell my mother, she atleast knows I started puberty. By The Way, my mother is a nurse and she thinks its a limp node, because of my VERY excessive coughing "streaks". The lump is only on my left nipple, not my right.

21/M/FL, and I'm Gay.
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