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Default she wont leave me alone

ok so i no i said i would go to the doctors, but i havent and its getting worse,

theres this woman, shes always there, in my head getting into all my thoughts, poisening my mind

its affecting my relationship with my boy friend, im getting angry at him about what she says, she constantly tells me that he doesnt love me, why would he, your worthless,

oh look at that top on you, how fat do you look, packing on the pounds, you ugly bitch,

he is goin to leave you, he doesnt care no one does, you so pathetic, its funny i cant believe you thought someone would care about you, and your 'problems' WELL GROW UP YOU SPOILT SELFISH COW,

thats pretty normal, she gets worse screaming at me, shaking me making me listen to her, i cant take it, shes driving me crazy, im getting so paranoid and i dont want to be left alone ever, its not good right.

ugh what should i do, i dont feel i can go to the doctors any more, would talking to her make her leave?

thank you

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