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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Diary Announcement
Diary Inactivity Rules

These rules must be followed by all diary owners.

1. 2 weeks maximum inactivity limit (meaning no posts from any of the diary's owners after 2 weeks of the last owners' post).

2. After these 2 weeks, a Site Admin may send a warning PM to Diary Owner(s) about the inactivity.

If 2. applies to you, meaning that you receive a warning PM, see 3a. If not, see 3b.

3a. The diary owner has 1 week after the issued warning to make a post in the diary; if no post is made after 1 week, the diary will be deleted and its contents trashed.

3b. If another week (in addition to the inactivity limit of two weeks that had already passed) passes, the diary may be removed without warning. An [X] may be placed next to the diary title with the last date of allowed inactivity before deletion.

4. Owners will be exempt from these inactivity rules if a notice is posted ahead of time in the Diary HQ. Amount of expected inactive time and reason for inactivity must be included in a new thread.
These are the guidelines. I hope this answers your question

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