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Default Re: [freakingout] i cant do this!

OMG miguel....shhhhh
you havent been there
you dont know what your talking about

hun it'll be okay
please don't get mad at her
shes scared and worried about you
as a therapist shes legally bound to tell your parents or the authoritys if she belives you are going to be a damger to yourself or those around you
if something happens to you
shes responsible

Your parents care about you
I know its hard to tell sometimes
belive me I know
But they really do
your there little girl
NOTHING will ever change that

They want to help hun
if they didnt
they wouldnt send you to her period
they love you and they want to help
they probly just don't know how

If you don't want to be in the room then you don't have to be
and there good at telling things to rents
I've seen many and Frank had to tell my mum some stuff once
I didnt go in
I was TERRIFIED about what my mum would think
what shed do
but he made sure everything was okay
he took care of me

she'll take care of you
it'll be okay

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