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Default Re: I dont even recognize myself anymore, WHO AM I?

first of all suicide is the cowards way out and your not a coward second of all its selfish all the people that dearly love you will never see you again and what if this is your one shot at life? Dont kill yourself you have too much to live for and eat something thats good for you if you feel fat (and you dont look fat if your avatar is you) please dont be sad I have gone through those time many a time you just have to cheer up (exercise makes me happy ) just find something you like I hope you feel better I know its not easy but just try to be happy
AND PLEASE DONT DRINK HYDROGEN PYROXIDE ITS VERY POSINOUS many people would be sad including your family and people here at vt
also bones arnt good almost every man around will tell you he like women With a little meat on em ! so be happy

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Oh yes it is.
So by your thinking we should let evil sadistic fanatical Islamists run around killing anyone they see. You don't seem to get it that these people WANT TO KILL YOU and anyone else that doesn't believe in their evil religion. I am not even bothering to go on
lolwut? Someone's spoon fed from the media

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