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Default Re: Six Muslims Removed from Flight for praying

I know i'm gonna sound like a HUGE fucking asshole
but having a bunch of muslims on a plane right next to me praying to there all mighty god just befor were set to take off wouls bring back allot of bad memmories and scare the shit outta me

and do you remember the comics?
how literally tens of millions of muslims FREAKED right out
like bombing embassys, burning flags, ransacking buildings, shooting guns, etc...

i'm not saying all of them are bad
what I am saying is the ones that are have done ALLOT of damage
So going onto a plane and then praying like that
they were pissed at us because of the comics aperantly we were antaganising them
well maybe a sizable group of muslims praying on a plane (which is exactly what the terrorists did) is antaganising...well no...scaring ya thats better
scaring the shit outta us

Canada's the only country thats on there list and hasent been attacked yet
2 attempts have been stopped by CSIS so far

A guy I grew up with knew from like grade 4 till 11 is over in Kandahar right now
where hes trying to build infostructer and protect civilians
while muslim extremists are doing everything they can to murder him, innocence around him and to destroy everything he and other canadian forces have helped build

Right after WWII did everybody just forgive the germans or the japanese?
did we just go oh its okay no biggy just a few people
or did it take a LONG time for the allied countries and allid citizens ingeneral to trust them again?

Shit like this is going to happen
because when push comes to shove we are unfortunatly still at war
a war the likes of which we've never faced befor
the enemy dosent look like an enemy they look like inocence until they strike
at which point
we've seen the catastrophic damage they can do
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