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Angry "cum"

Umm i am 15 years old and im about 5 foot tall if not shorter. my penis is not very big at all. when i "jack off" nothing comes out, but i do get the feelings when its supposed to come out. and i have little pubic hair and it feels like my ball sack is like streched out and it looks like its normal size(but im not reaally sure how big its supposed to be :/ ) but my penis again is very very small. please tell me about the sighns of puberty because all my friends have gone through purberty even the ones younger than me. and what exactly is a wet dream. from what i understand you sperm in your sleep? im really happy i found this website cuz all my friends (girls) i dont want to ask out because i think they might reach for my penis and they will be supprised. ty
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