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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

[QUOTE=perry;1161277]Well when i was 10 (yeah i know its sick) i went to a new school 20 mins away from my house in france , thair were lodes of english people in the school and i only new one boy thair David and he introduced be to this really good looking kid Don who was 12 and David was 11 (in france kids get held back if thay dont do well enuf in school) , and thay told be about this thing thay did called gay dares , or maby it was gross dares thay called it i cant remember what we called it back then , but anyway , doing gay dares was striping first , then slowly u would do worse dares , like wanking echother of and sucking echotherrs dicks and last having anal sex and other things , anyway i was at Davids house and thats when i first did the dares with David , iv only done it twice with Don but with David iv done this lodes of times , im 13 now and hes 14 and we are still doing the gay dares and im going round his house this saturday , but even after 3 years of dong the gay dares James still wont open up to me and admit hes gay and i still havent actualy told him , thow i know im gay and e must know that hes gay or bi to , but we have never kissed , we have done everything exept kiss... (fake names true story) (i have denied being bi till 4 mothes ago and finaly exepted that i was gay 1 month ago even no i have been doing the dares for years)
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