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Does anybody know a program like a studio so you can layer recordings, like As in... Recording guitar, then recording drums, then layering it so it plays at once like a song??
If you have the money you have to get the new Boss RC2 looper pedal...great little new getting one next month for my B-day.

As for using computer to do it....i just record with audacity and then put them onto my MP3 playing and then play them back and overdub with it need a mixer and MP3 to do that though.

the best way to do this is with the Boss looper pedal...
the RC2 has just about everything that more expensive Boss RC20XL has...i think the reverse loop is the only thing thats not in it.

heres a video review

Awesome little pedal...

edit, heres a song i did just a few days ago with this method..(the MP3/mixer one)

"The Solo"
(few mess-ups there but its still good)
and then theres this one

"The No Name Song"

first i did the drums, then Ryth. guitar, then bass, and finally lead guitar.

**click the "Alternate" link for best playing**


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