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Default I got myself a Nintendo Wii!!!!

I had to work for it though. lol

11/18/06 - 6pm EST
I started out by getting my laptop and DVDs all together along with a portable propane heater. Then I went to the local target and got a spot on line,,,I got a spot of # 47 and they had 120 game units along with like 1,000 remotes which was great.

Long story short...some guy tried to cut in line, he left in an ambulance
At 9am the next day and lots of cold weather (it got down to 40°F) the store opened and we got Wii's

I tell ya, I have never been a real fan of the Play stations but the PS3 looks like the PS2...they also sell for allot more than the Nintendos...but anyways...

I just can't believe how advanced these Wii remotes are...they know so much on what position they are in the room.

best game I like is off the sports disk that came with it...Bowling, followed by golf, followed by tennis....they are all just great.
I also got Zelda.

My dads thinking of getting a nice big TV for our basement as its down really low in price at best buy...hes thinking of getting something around 46 inches...High Def., wide format as well.

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