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Default ever wake up & cry your eyes out?

I just had a flashback.
i dont know why.
i was jsut lying in bed.
my pillow is soaked from tears.
it was of my fights with My moms ex-boyfriend basile.
She never did anything.
she never talked about it.
she never aploigized once he was out of our lives.
she never talked about how she knows i go to therapy & talk about him.
How she always stood there watching slitently as he screamed at me telling me i'm worthless & good for nothing.
or how when he almost hit me & she knew it was over nothing.
the many times i'd have to call my dad crying at one in the morning because the yelling was just too loud.

she never talked about it.
i know its hard for her.
but i'm her fucking child.
& now i dont live with her becuase of that bastered & its all in the past [for her] but here i am sitting up at 2 am crying about a year after its over.

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