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Default Brian. If your Reading this.. i hate you..

Oh god! can't belive he did something like this

Things were smooth sailing
since my first kiss.
then today just a few hours
ago my bf called me and said "Johnny?
Brian and i are going out.. LOVE YA!"
First i thought it was a joke and called back to ask
And he said. " it's isn't a joke brian came over my house this afternoon for my evil sister's b-day party and i'll just leave it at that" Then my so called "friend"
Brain took the phone form him and said "john. nice bf you got here i'll tell you how it goes."

And Now i'm trying to calm my self down by listening to Everytime we touch over.. and over... and over again.

( as you can see i'm so sad that i won't do this )
T2morrow at school...
it's going to be very intersting..

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